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100% Natural CBD Vape Products • Real Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

Elevate Your Lifestyle

Good till the last drop. The HighKind CBD Vape products
will take your mind to a place of total calm.

Our High-CBD, Low-THC Cannabis means you get all the benefits and none of those negative side effects like anxiety or paranoia. Our revolutionary products will deliver all of the beneficial compounds found in cannabis with only trace levels of THC. Our true full-spectrum cartridges and extracts contain high levels of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, which deliver the ultimate entourage effect and authentic experience. With a diverse range of flavour profiles, including the fruity uplifting Sativa flavours of Pineapple Muffins and OG Haze, to the earthier, calming Indica flavours of Purple Double OG and Gorilla Glue, there is always a HighKind flavour to satisfy! We’ve spent years perfecting our craft and we’re ready to share this experience with you!

What Our Customers Say

HighKind never disappoints. It must be 5 years (check this please) that I’ve been coming back to what is now called HighKind. And that is down to the quality of CBD smoke – I cannot fault it, EVER. All I can do is take a pull, hold it in, relax, feel the goodness, and let it go. Another health-giving flavour, thank you very much!
Cynthia Weaver
High kind is the best producers of crafted cbd in the uk currently.
A few years ago I switched to initially test the cannabis derived profiles they where gaining a lot of (good) attention for.
On both sides be it a simple vape cart with your desired terp profile,or the luscious diamonds & sauce option-no other cbd company can lay a glove on high kind.
Innes Mcleod, Maca CBD Reviews

What are CBD Extracts?

All The Benefits Of Cannabis Without The “High”, CBD (Cannabidiol) has been called “The Miracle Compound” that gives cannabis its amazing benefits. Our mission at Highkind Cannabis Co is to preserve as much CBD and other legal cannabinoids, to give the best experience possible. Our high potency Cannabinoid Vaporisation products are….

100% Legal

Each finished/packaged product contains no more than 1mg of THC, which means our extracts are completely legal in the UK and in most other countries in Europe.

CO2 Extracted For Maximum Purity

This is known as “the most advanced CBD extraction process”, it took us years to master and it’s why our extracts are extremely high quality.

Independently Tested

Every extract is independently lab tested to be certain you are using a high quality UK legal extract. Click here to see our results.

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