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Frequently Asked Questions.


What you should you know about our cbd extracts

Why Have You Changed Your Name

Change is the only constant, and it can be a good thing – especially when it comes as a result of taking a higher perspective.

A higher perspective on our identity, our work, even our name.

We are thrilled to let you know that Synergy Extracts has evolved into HighKind.

The same dedicated people running it with the same amount of restless enthusiasm towards perfecting our extracts.
Same precision, same belief.

Everything remains the same, although something important has upgraded: We elevated the boundaries of our mission.

We reconstructed our ways to achieve a higher plane of production, a more refined approach to extraction and a more diverse offer to satisfy the highest needs of our dear customers.

As HighKind catches flight, we bring to you a brand new range of world-class CBD products at a lower cost:

This is a new beginning.

We are setting off to a completely new range of high quality terpene infused CBD products you’ve come to know and love.

We invite you to join us on this journey.

We are the same kind, after all.

The High Kind.

Who Do I Contact About Orders Made From The Old Website

If you have any questions or problems with orders made from please just get in touch, returns will be completely honoured as per our Refund Policy.

Is CBD Legal?

Our extracts will contain only trace levels THC, which means they are completely legal in the UK and in most other countries in Europe. Each finished/packaged product will contain no more than 1mg of THC or CBN in line with the Home Office guidelines on CBD products.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis that give each strain its unique flavour and smell. Many CBD users love terpenes for the complex fruity and floral flavours – hints of earthy pine or citrus as you dab or vape take your experience to the next level.

But it’s not just the flavours which make terpenes so powerful…  Terpenes affect how CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors in your body and brain. Cannabis flavour enthusiasts can experience their favourite strains like never before – smoke-free and truly unadulterated.

Users seeking a CBD nutritional supplement will find different oral formulas which utilize the power of the entourage effect to ensure you’re getting the most effective extract for your money.

Fertilizer & Contaminant Free

So many companies use flowers full of chemical fertilizers and contaminants. Our products are flushed 3 weeks before harvest and are contaminant free.

Great For Recreation Or Supplementation

Whether you’re looking for different CBD and Terpene experiences to Dab and Vape, or you’re looking for a nutritional supplement, we have formulas designed for a wide variety of uses.

Extracted From Premium Quality Organic Flowers

We only use AAA grade female cannabis flowers to make our extracts. You’d be surprised how many companies use low-quality flowers for their products.

Experience Famous Cannabis Flavours

Pineapple Express, Grandaddy Purple, Gelato, OG Kush and many more – these terpene flavours are infused into our extracts; each providing a fresh CBD experience. You can choose specific strain flavours or choose one of our faithfully-crafted flavour mixes.

CO2 Extracted For Maximum Purity

This is known as “the most advanced CBD extraction process”, it took us years to master and it’s why our extracts are extremely high quality.

20 Different Terpene Profiles Available

Most CBD providers remove terpenes from their extracts, but we add them back to give you a unique experience with each flavour.

3rd Party Lab Tested

Every extract is independently lab tested to be certain you are using a high quality extract. Click here to see our results.

What Our Customers Say

Using the Energise pen by Highkind Cannabis Co, I was really impressed by both the power and flavour of this device. It delivers extremely flavoursome hits with big clouds. You also don’t need to draw on the pen for a long time and still get great vapour production, plus the smell is divine!
Tyler Green,
My first look at the Highkind Cannabis Co Vape Pen was very much an underestimation, with its amazing battery life & terpene-packed Cartridges. It simply blew me away!  It is the essential part of my CBD kit, nothing has come close. From Highkind’s terp crystal to their wax crumbles, you will not be disappointed with their tastiest, freshest flavours.  You guys keep me firmly in awe!  Skall!!
Simon Edwards, Viking CBD Reviews
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