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3 x CBD Distillate Vape Oil – Artisan – Pure Uncut High Terpene Oil – 60%+ Cannabinoids- Morning, Noon and Night profiles


HighKind presents our Artisan Selection Pack of uncut high terpene vape oil designed for the CBD connoisseur who likes to fill their own cartridges or dab the extract pure in a dab pen or dab rig.

This selection pack contains 1gram each of the following three strains – Tangerine Dream, Cherry Cream Pie and Blue Lavender


A bit more about us

At the forefront of delivering the highest quality, uncut oils, HighKind will always provide you with an unparalleled and uplifting CBD experience. Every one of our CBD Distillate Vape Oils are packed with elite terpenes extracted directly from the cannabis plant using clean and efficient methods. Our CBD Distillate Oil also comes with a syringe for easy application and makes your vaping that bit simpler.

A bit more about the oil extract

  • Syringe included for simple application.
  • Comes with no more than 1mg of cannabinol or cannabinol derivatives.
  • Contains full-spectrum, uncut oil.
  • Enhances your vaping experience with added potency.
  • Includes elite, high-quality terpenes.

A bit more about the Artisan collection

The Artisan collection is a specifically enhanced selection of full-spectrum CBD oils that contain elite, botanical terpenes. Carrying distinctive aromas, our Artisan range features the best triple-distilled CBD/CBG extract, taken 100% from the cannabis flower. If you’re searching for aromatic terpenes to add to your CBD experience, our Artisan collection is the perfect choice for you.

How to use distillate vape oil

If you’re a vaper or dabber desperate to keep your favourite vaping profiles, while saving a bit of money, our CBD Distillate Vape Oil is the perfect choice for you. It couldn’t be easier to use – if you’re a vaper, simply unscrew your cartridge and add your oil until full (without touching the coil in the centre). Dabbers simply need to add a few drops of their favourite oil into the dabbing rig and go about the same process as usual.

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions8 × 2 × 2 cm

Limited Edition

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