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CBD Crumble – Artisan – Tangerine Dream – 0.5g

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Taste Orange Zest | Herbal Notes | Sweet Spice
Feel Alert | Clear | Energised

HighKind presents our Tangerine Dream CBD Crumble – a wonderfully fruity extract with bright aromatherapeutic effects. This crumble is part of our Artisan collection, which have been enriched with terpene blends for sweet and bold flavours.

A bit more about us

When we handcraft our CBD crumbles, our focus is always set on ensuring every product delivers a one of a kind CBD experience. With our delicate methods, we make each of our crumbles in small batches, ensuring optimum terpenes are extracted. Innovative techniques are used from 100% hemp to ensure this extraction process is at the highest standard. Our crumbles are perfect for beginners, while also offering a wide variety of consumption possibilities.

A bit more about the oil extract

  • Contains triple-distilled, CBD/CBG extract.
  • Holds 0.5G of CBD.
  • Handmade in small batches.
  • Enhances your CBD experience with an added potency.
  • Includes elite, high-quality terpenes.

A bit more about the Artisan collection

The artisan collection is an extensive range of HighKinds favourite botanical extracts. With boundary pushing triple-distilled CBD/CBG extraction methods, our elite terpenes burst with aromatic tranquility. We only ever extract from pure hemp and we have the cleanest, most sustainable methods around. If you’re looking for some herbal relaxation, the artisan collection is just for you.


Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2.5 cm


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