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CBD Crumble – Single Origin – Special Sauce – CBD/Hemp-Derived Terpenes


Taste Berry | Vanilla | Musk
Feel Soothed | Relaxed | Tranquil

HighKind presents our Electra CBD Crumble – an aromatic flavour of berry and vanilla with soothing effects. A member of our Single Origins collection, this crumble is enriched with 100% hemp flower terpenes for an authentic cannabis flavour.


A bit more about us

Providing you with an unmatched CBD experience is always HighKind’s top priority. Every crumble we create, including electra, has been delicately handcrafted to enhance every terpene.  Each of these terpenes has been taken from 100% organic hemp, using innovative methods of extraction. Our crumbles are a great way for beginners to begin their CBD journey, as well as providing veterans with a potent experience.

A bit more about the oil extract

  • Contains triple-distilled, CBD/CBG extract.
  • Holds 0.5G of CBD.
  • Handmade in small batches.
  • Enhances your CBD experience with an added potency.
  • Includes elite, high-quality terpenes.

A bit more about the Single Origin collection

In our single origin collection you can find a special range of our most original CBD terpenes. Using triple-distilled CBD/CBG extract with 100% cannabis-derived terpenes, every product in single origins provides you with a unique CBD experience. Whether you’re a dabber or a vaper, the authentic sensations of our single origin collection will take you straight back to your roots.

How to use CBD crumble

With your dabbing tool, take out a tiny, pea-sized portion of HighKind CBD Crumble. Place this delicately within your dab pen, e-nail or dab rig. Inhale deeply and slowly for between 7-15 seconds and exhale at the same speed. After 5 minutes, you can repeat the entire cycle all over again if you feel like you need to. Looking for some new concentrate vaping devices? We suggest going for Puffco, Pax or Storz and Beckel devices to get the optimumCBD experience.

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2.5 cm

Single Origins


0.5G, 1.0G, 2.0G

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Cbd c.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

By far the best out there

**** Extract Review*** strain : special sauce Cbd content: 95% Sourced from : @highkindcannabisco Manufacturer: highkindcannabisco ***Looks and smell*** Off the bat this is one sexy looking set of diamonds. I mean just look at them they look like raw diamonds before being refined for selling. The smell from these little beauties is a sweet sort of berry smell with a earthy musky after tone to it. It's quite hard to put a finger on but dam it smells good. It's very strong in smell an the aroma lingers for a good while too in the air. ***Flavour*** The musky berry taste to this is about as good as it gets, I mean the flavour from this is a sweet berry inhale with that earthy musky exhale yet the berry taste is there right to the end. I can't put my finger on what Berries are in this but dam it's tasty as ****. ***Effects*** This is one for the heavy weights I think, at first I was like oh just another extract that does alright an with in 3 mins it was 100% being smacked in the face with a bat. Like full on head an body high and it's very intense for the first 15 mins or so from the on set of the effects. I used not even half a grain of rice size as a tester an man alive I'm glad I didn't go over the top like I tend to do. If your using a rig with this warning take it easy if your not a seasoned vet. But if your looking for that full on hit then go for it. Don't say I didn't warn you hehe. After 25 mins or so I leveled out an was at total ease, clear headed an ready for another cheeky one before bed ***Conclusion*** 10/10 What a extract, such a great job from these guys at highkind. I can not wait to try some more as if they are anything like this one it's going to be a fun-filled experience that's for sure

HighKind Cannabis Co CBD Crumble - Single Origin - Special Sauce - CBD/Hemp-Derived Terpenes Review
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Nice introduction to crumble

I’ve gone from ‘should I vape’ to get my CBD benefits to buying vaporizer dab pen and vaping High Kind crumble. Special Sauce a great place to start. Nice and mellow. Just a recommendation to the nice folks at Highkind - I am looking up the terpene profiles of each of the flavours on other (mostly US based) sites - it would be great to see breakdowns on the whole collection.

HighKind Cannabis Co CBD Crumble - Single Origin - Special Sauce - CBD/Hemp-Derived Terpenes Review
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