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CBD Crystal – Limited Edition – Pineapple Muffins – 0.5g

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Taste Pineapple | Caramel | Tropical Fruit
Feel Uplifted | Happy | Centred
Blend 95% CBD | Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

HighKind presents our Pineapple Muffins CBD Crystal – a CBD extract with a delicious aroma and bright sweet taste that is made for CBD connoisseurs. A member of our Limited Collection, this pure extract is enhanced with 100% cannabis terpenes for a smooth and authentic experience.

A bit more about us

If you’re looking to experience true CBD benefits and flavours, HighKind is the natural choice for you. We use the finest organic hemp, and the cleanest extraction and distillation methods to create our extracts. Our range of CBD Crystal is created for CBD vapers and dabbers that are looking for true CBD benefits and flavourful cannabis experience.

A bit more about the crystal

HighKind CBD Crystal is a bold extract that delivers beautifully complex flavour notes and noticeable CBD effects. We have created this range for users that are looking for more out of their extract and want pure, potent crystals for dabbing and vaping.

A bit more about our Limited Edition collection

Our Limited Edition collection contains high-strength triple-distilled CBD/CBG extracts infused with 100% hemp-derived terpenes. This range is the perfect choice for CBD connoisseurs that want complex and authentic flavours and the benefits of pure CBD extracts.

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2.5 cm

Limited Edition

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