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CBD Diamonds And Sauce – Artisan – Raspberry Cookies – 1g

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Taste Raspberry | Vanilla | Mint
Feel Relaxed | Warm | Content

HighKind presents our Raspberry Cookie Diamonds & Sauce – a great choice for vapers looking for a high-CBD extract and a warming effect. This extract is a member of our Artisan collection, which have been infused with fruity terpenes.

A bit more about us

At HighKind, we always prioritise the purity and premium quality of our products. Created using  triple-distilled CBD/CBG extract removed entirely from hemp, our methods are clean, efficient and effective. Diamonds & Sauce offer you the chance to experience the very best that HighKind has to offer and has been designed with CBD enthusiasts in mind.

A bit more about Diamond & Sauce

  • 1G of high terpene oil is made from 15g of high-quality CBD cannabis flowers.
  • Contains crystallised CBD diamonds and rich-terpene sauce.
  • Enhances your CBD experience with added potency.
  • Includes 100% CBD/Hemp flower terpenes.

A bit more about the Artisan collection

With our unique blend of botanical terpenes, the artisan collection is a one of a kind range of Diamonds & Sauce. Designed with boundary pushing extraction techniques, our methods only use hemp flowers so we can create a completely natural CBD experience. If you’re looking for leafy, botanical aromas from your terpenes, the artisan collection is just for you.

How to use Diamonds and Sauce

HighKind is pushing the boundaries of the CBD industry with the unique Diamonds & Sauce – a terpene-rich concentrate perfect for use with dab pens, e-nails or dab rigs. All you have to do is set up your preferred method and place a small nugget of concentrate into your device. While ensuring that it evaporates effectively, breath in the vapour for 15 seconds and slowly exhale. When you’re done, wait for around 10 minutes and see how you feel. Need some more? Go through the same process again.

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