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CBD Diamonds And Sauce – Single Origin – Hawaiian Haze – 1g

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Taste Tropical Flowers | Citrus
Feel Calm | Light | Content

HighKind presents our Hawaiian Haze Diamonds & Sauce – a strong CBD extarct with a sweet tropical aroma. A member of our Single Origins collection, this pure extract is infused with 100% hemp flower terpenes to enhance flavour and effect.

A bit more about us

Have you been searching for the optimum CBD experience? Here at HighKind, we make that our number one priority. By using our innovative extraction techniques from 100% cannabis, we are able to deliver CBD products that truly live up to their potential. Efficient, sustainable and boundary pushing, our selection of Diamonds & Sauce is one for enthusiasts and beginners alike.

A bit more about Diamond & Sauce

  • 1G of high terpene oil is made from 15g of high-quality CBD cannabis flowers.
  • Contains crystallised CBD diamonds and rich-terpene sauce.
  • Enhances your CBD experience with added potency.
  • Includes 100% CBD/Hemp flower terpenes.

A bit more about the Single Origin collection

Our single origin collection is a handpicked range designed especially for those looking to get back to their roots. Featuring bold, elite terpenes, our collection uses the boundary pushing methods of distillation to deliver a clean, efficient and environmentally friendly CBD product. Every Diamonds & Sauce in single origin is taken directly from the cannabis flower giving you a natural boost.

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2.5 cm

Single Origins

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