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CBD Distillate Vape Oil – 1g Uncut Oil – Single Origin – Sour Space Candy – CBD/Hemp-Derived Terpenes

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Taste Lemongrass | Clove | Sweet Earth
Feel Centred | Relaxed | Happy
Blend CBD 46.2% | CBDa 3.7% | CBG 8.8% | CBDv 4.1% | THC 0%| Terpenes 12.4%

HighKind presents our Sour Space Candy CBD Distillate Vape Oil – an intricate extract with flavours of zesty lemongrass and sweet-spicy clove. This is a member of our Single Origins collection of uncut oils that are infused with 100% cannabidiol flower terpenes that enhance flavour and deliver tangible effects.

Each 1G syringe contains the distilled cannabis oil from 10G of CBD/Hemp Flowers and the terpenes from 5G of CBD/Hemp Flowers.


A bit more about us

At HighKind, we are consistently committed to supplying you with a one of a kind, all-natural CBD experience. Each of our stunning CBD Distillate Oils has been imbued with elite terpenes, extracted using sustainable, efficient and clean methods. If you’re looking for more potency with an easy syringe application, our CBD Distillate oils are for you.

A bit more about the extract

  • 1G of oil is made from 15g of high-quality CBD cannabis flowers.
  • Syringe included for simple application.
  • Comes with no more than 1mg of cannabinol or cannabinol derivatives.
  • Contains full-spectrum, uncut oil.
  • Enhances your vaping experience with added potency.
  • Includes elite, high-quality terpenes.
  • Can be dabbed or vaporised in any ceramic style cartridge

A bit more about the Single Origin collection

Single origins is a stunning collection of our most authentic, all-natural terpenes. Extracted using the cleanest methods possible, these organic oils will give you a truly unique CBD experience. Stay rooted and tuned into nature with our single origin collection.

How to use distillate vape oil

Whether you’re a dabber or a vaper, our CBD Distillate Vape oil is the perfect way to add your favourite profiles to your set up for less. Our oil couldn’t be easier to use – if you spot your cartridge running low, simply take your syringe and plunge the oil into the empty tank to refill. If you’re a dabber, all you need to do is add 2-4 drops of oil to your dabbing rig and continue using your concentrates as normal.

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions8 × 2 × 2 cm

Single Origins

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