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CBD Sauce Cartridge– 0.5G Raw Unrefined Hash Oil – Limited Edition – Rozay -60%+ Cannabinoids (Copy)


Taste Sweet | Floral
Feel Peaceful | Relaxed

Introducing HighKind’s newest addition to our premium CBD Sauce cartridge line – Rozay. Named for its captivating and elegant terpene profile, Rozay is set to redefine your CBD vaping experience with a sweet and slightly floral twist.

🌹 Rozay CBD Sauce Cartridge: Unveil the Elegance of Terpenes 🌹

Terpene Symphony: Our expertly crafted Rozay blend showcases a harmonious symphony of terpenes that are as alluring as a bouquet of fresh roses. With subtle floral notes delicately intertwined with hints of sweetness, each inhalation is a sensory journey.

Full-Spectrum Wonder: Rozay is not just about flavor; it’s a full-spectrum wonder. With a rich, diverse profile of cannabinoids and terpenes, you can expect a more comprehensive CBD experience that engages both your senses and your well-being.

Ultimate Relaxation: Like a leisurely stroll through a blooming garden, Rozay CBD Sauce offers pronounced relaxation effects, perfect for those moments when you need to unwind and rejuvenate.

Sourced from Nature: Just like all our products, Rozay CBD Sauce is sourced from organic cbd flower and meticulously crafted using advanced hydrocarbon extraction technology. It’s a commitment to quality and purity you can taste with every puff.

Indulge in the elegance of Rozay, where the world of CBD meets the delicate charm of floral terpenes.

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