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CBD Vape Cartridge – 0.5g Uncut Oil- Limited Edition – Cindy Cheese

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Taste Tropical Citrus | Brown Sugar
Feel Uplifted | Energetic | Happy
Blend CBD 47.9% | CBDA 4.3% | CBG 9.1% | CBDv 3.6% | THC 0% | Terpenes 16.1 %

HighKind presents our Cindy Cheese Cartridge – a premium CBD oil with a deliciously sweet tropical flavour and uplifting effects. A member of our Limited Editions Collection, this cartridge is made exclusively with cannabis-derived terpenes for CBD connoisseurs.

Each cartridge contains the distilled cannabis oil from 5 Grams of CBD/Hemp flower and the vapour distilled terpene essential oil(essence) from 2.5 Grams of Premium, Grade A Cannabis Flowers.

A bit more about us

If you want premium-quality uncut CBD extracts with tangible effects and wonderful flavours, HighKind was made for you. We create our vape oil using the cleanest extraction and distillation methods and exclude the use of MCT, PG or VG in favour of all-natural materials and hand-selected terpene blends. Our prefilled cartridges are the perfect way to begin your journey into the wonderful world of CBD.

A bit more about the cartridge

Our Cindy Cheese cartridge contains many terpenes including Myrcene, d-Limonene and Beta-Pinene to name a few.

  • Contains 0.5 g of uncut oil
  • A true full-spectrum CBD extract
  • Optimal design gives up to 200+ puffs
  • Provides an authentic cannabis experience
  • Third-party tested for quality and profile

A bit more about our Limited Editions collection

Our Limited Editions collection is made for the CBD connoisseur. Each cartridge contains high-strength triple-distilled CBD/CBG extract infused with 100% cannabis-derived terpenes for an authentic cannabis experience. This range provides complex flavours and the wonderful effects that CBD extracts have to offer.

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2.5 cm

Limited Edition

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