Terpenes – 1Ml – Artisan – Purple Punch

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Taste Grape |  Tang |  Blueberry
Feel  Relaxed | Comforted | Calm

Our Purple Punch Terpenes are perfect for enhancing concentrates, e-liquids, tinctures and edibles. Our entire range of terpenes is made with expertise by us within the UK.

We recommend using a 4-10% terpene concentration for CBD vaping and dabbing products (i.e. cartridges and concentrate extracts) and a 0.5-1.0% terpene concentration for edibles.


A bit more about us

HighKind has always been at the forefront of delivering optimum CBD experiences while using sustainable methods. Every terpene in our product range has been enhanced using handcrafted, groundbreaking extraction techniques unique to HighKind. Our terpenes collection is sure to enhance your experience and add another layer of luxury to your CBD.

A bit more about terpenes

  • A 100% pure cut.
  • Perfect for enhancing concentrates, cartridges and e-liquids.
  • Our terpenes lower the viscosity while boosting flavour.
  • Tested independently for purity and safety.

A bit more about the terpenes collection

Our terpenes collection has been specifically designed with enhancement in mind. Your CBD oil will be taken to another level with the delicate handcrafted techniques used to extract our terpenes. Using terpenes in this collection allows you to lower viscosity, boost flavour and customise your own CBD experience to suit your tastes.

A bit more about how to use terpenes

If you’re looking to enhance your CBD experience, our Terpenes are a powerful addition to diffusers, edibles and vape oil. Filled to the brim with beneficial aromatherapeutic properties, all of our terpenes have been extracted 100% from the hemp plant. Enhance your CBD Concentrates or Distillate Vape Oil with a concentration of 4-10%. Terpenes are also great for adding to your edibles at 0.5-1%, packing your food with a variety of health benefits. Your room can also feel the relaxing nature of our terpene profiles when you add them to your diffusers.

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