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Terpenes – 1Ml – Single Origin – Bubba Kush – CBD/Hemp-Derived Terpenes


Taste Kush | Earthy | Pine
Feel Content | Relaxed

We vapour distill CBD flower terpenes from fresh live flower material to create our Bubba Kush Terpenes. This 100% pure uncut essence of cannabis can be used to enhance a range of CBD products ranging from concentrates, tinctures, cartridges and e-liquids.

Our UK Terpenes are amongst the best in the industry. We suggest using a 4-10% concentration for vaping products (e.g. extracts and cartridges) and a 0.5-1.0% concentration for cannabinoid edibles.

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A bit more about us

HighKind has always been committed to utilising the most efficient, sustainable and clean distillation methods for all of our products. These elite terpenes have been extracted in their entirety from the cannabis flower, offering you the opportunity to enhance and customise your CBD experience. Boost your flavour and lower viscosity, while getting your creative juices flowing by using our premium quality terpenes.

A bit more about terpenes

  • Distilled from fresh cannabis flowers.
  • A 100% pure cut.
  • Perfect for enhancing concentrates, cartridges and e-liquids.
  • Our terpenes lower the viscosity while boosting flavour.
  • Tested independently for purity and safety.

A bit more about the terpenes collection

Our extensive range of terpenes are guaranteed to add another level of quality to your CBD experience. Extracted using efficient and groundbreaking distillation methods, each terpene offers you the possibility of customising your CBD products. Taken 100% from the cannabis plant with 0% THC, this collection is an innovative range of the very best terpenes HighKind has to offer.

A bit more about how to use terpenes

Filled to the brim with untold amounts of aromatherapeutic benefits, our Terpenes allow you to experience your favourite profiles from entirely organic and sustainable extract. Taken straight from the cannabis plant, these terpenes are able to enhance both your Distillate Vape Oil and CBD Concentrates with a concentration of around 4-10%. You can also enhance edibles using our terpenes, mixing them at about 0.5-1%. If you want to create a soothing atmosphere in your room, putting a few drops of our terpenes into your diffusers is a fantastic way to experience those unique profiles.

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Single Origins

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