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Terpenes – 1Ml – Single Origin – Lifter – CBD/Hemp-Derived Terpenes


Taste Pine | Citrus
Feel Uplifted | Energise

Our Lifter Terpenes are distilled from fresh live CBD flower material. We use the 100% pure uncut essence of cannabis, which makes our terpenes perfect for ehancing concentrates, tinctures, cartridges and e-liquids.

We recommend using 4-10% Concentration for vape products (extracts and cartridges) and 0.5-1.0% Concentration for edibles. Our terpenes are amongst the best in the UK, so a little bit goes a long way.


A bit more about us

At HighKind, developing and extracting terpenes that are an elite, premium quality is number one in our list of priorities. We only use the most sustainable, environmentally friendly and cleanest extraction methods possible, directly from the cannabis plant. Our terpenes offer you the ability to alter your CBD experience, boosting flavour, lowering viscosity and adding a level of customisability.

A bit more about terpenes

  • Distilled from fresh cannabis flowers.
  • A 100% pure cut.
  • Perfect for enhancing concentrates, cartridges and e-liquids.
  • Our terpenes lower the viscosity while boosting flavour.
  • Tested independently for purity and safety.

A bit more about the terpenes collection

Our terpenes collection contains premium cuts that are truly unique to HighKind. Either derived from the cannabis plant or inspired by it, our terpenes (or any of our products in our collection) contain no THC. Every terpene has been extracted using innovative, groundbreaking and clean distillation methods. If you’re desperate to take your CBD experience to the next level, HighKind has a massive assortment of terpenes, all available in our online store.

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Single Origins

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