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Terpenes – 1Ml – Single Origin -Sour Space Candy

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CBD flower terpenes vapour distilled from fresh live flower material. The 100% Pure uncut essence of cannabis used to enhance Concentrates, Tinctures, Cartridges and E-liquids.

We recommend using 4-10% Concentration for vape products(extracts and cartridges) and 0.5-1.0% Concentration for edibles.

A bit more about us

Extracting our terpenes in the cleanest, most efficient ways possibles is a top priority here at HighKind. We are constantly searching for new methods that allow us to supply a CBD experience enhanced by elite terpenes. Our commitments are to sustainable, clean and optimum extraction, using 100% cannabis flower. If you want to enhance the flavour, lower the viscosity and start customising your CBD products, these terpenes are the perfect choice.

A bit more about terpenes

  • Distilled from fresh cannabis flowers.
  • A 100% pure cut.
  • Perfect for enhancing concentrates, cartridges and e-liquids.
  • Our terpenes lower the viscosity while boosting flavour.
  • Tested independently for purity and safety.

A bit more about the terpenes collection

With premium cuts extracted using the most sustainable and innovative methods possible, our collection of elite terpenes are sure to take your CBD products to the next level. Containing 0% THC, each terpene has been extracted using elite distillation methods. Desperate to enhance your CBD? This collection will do just that and more with a massive assortment of distinctive and unique options.

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Single Origins

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