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Terpenes – 1Ml – Artisan – Tangerine Dream

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Terpene Profiles: Energise ( A blend of Golden Lemons and Sour Diesel profiles)
Quantity of Terpenes: 1ml

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🏆 3rd Party Lab Tested For Purity
💉 Vacuum Distilled for the Highest Purity
🚫 No Additives

“Highkind stands out from the crowd. Their premium Hemp flowers are processed with utmost expertise and patience producing one of the tastiest CBD oil extracts on the market.”
– Cannabis News World –

A blend of 100% vacuum distilled and isolated terpenes. Adding terpenes to your CBD cannabis products allows you to lower the viscosity, boost flavour and customise the effects.

Instructions – Terpenes must be diluted prior to use. Never consume or vaporise terpenes pure. Add 1-2 drops per ml (or 1 gram) and work up from there until you reach your desired flavour/viscosity

Energise is a unique formulation of Golden Lemons & Sour Diesel terpenes – Here’s some more info:

  • “A fresh citrusy, pine taste with a hint of diesel”
  • Independently tested for safety and purity

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  • Solvent Free Distillate Natural Plant Terpenes

A bit more about us

Here at HighKind, we always committed to delivering a unique, powerful and enhanced CBD experience. We always use innovative extraction techniques and distillation techniques with our products without using any THC. If you’re looking to enhance your CBD oils, our wide range of bold, elite and authentic terpenes are the perfect choice.

A bit more about terpenes

  • A 100% pure cut.
  • Perfect for enhancing concentrates, cartridges and e-liquids.
  • Our terpenes lower the viscosity while boosting flavour.
  • Tested independently for purity and safety.

A bit more about the terpenes collection

Get your creative juices flowing with our boundary pushing terpenes collection. This wide range of our favourite terpenes have been handcrafted to deliver an optimum CBD experience. If you want to add another layer of customisation, lower viscosity or give those undertones a boost, the terpenes collection has been made especially for you.

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