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Synergy Extracts is nowHighkind Cannabis Co

A new name, but the same trusted world leaders incannabinoid vaporization and terpene aromatherapy.

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The Best Quality CBD On The Market

It’s not just about getting a dose of CBD – our entire process isn’t about cutting corners or providing a cheaper product. It’s about quality. The quality of the plants, the quality of the extraction process, providing quality experiences with a wide variety of flavours and terpene profiles.

100% Natural • No Artificial Terpenes, Flavours, or Additives

What Our Customers Say

Using the Energise pen by Highkind Cannabis Co, I was really impressed by both the power and flavour of this device. It delivers extremely flavoursome hits with big clouds. You also don’t need to draw on the pen for a long time and still get great vapour production, plus the smell is divine!
Tyler Green,
My first look at the Highkind Cannabis Co Vape Pen was very much an underestimation, with its amazing battery life & terpene-packed Cartridges. It simply blew me away!  It is the essential part of my CBD kit, nothing has come close. From Highkind’s terp crystal to their wax crumbles, you will not be disappointed with their tastiest, freshest flavours.  You guys keep me firmly in awe!  Skall!!
Simon Edwards, Viking CBD Reviews

What are CBD Extracts?

All The Benefits Of Cannabis Without The “High”, CBD (Cannabidiol) has been called “The Miracle Compound” that gives cannabis its amazing benefits. Our mission at Highkind Cannabis Co is to preserve as much CBD and other legal cannabinoids, to give the best experience possible. Our high potency Cannabinoid Supplements are….

100% Legal

Each extract contains 0% THC, which means our extracts are completely legal in the UK and in most other countries in Europe.

CO2 Extracted For Maximum Purity

This is known as “the most advanced CBD extraction process”, it took us years to master and it’s why our extracts are extremely high quality.

Independently Tested

Every extract is independently lab tested to be certain you are using a high quality extract. Click here to see our results.

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